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Space Odyssey Redux

In Eleusian fields,

I’m delusional still

Crawling past the edge,

hedging all my bets

Initiated into lex,

Now I cannot repent.

To wash my eyelids in the rain

I claimed false prophets’ names.

The dumpster met the fire

Enthroned upon the pyre:

And there, at breaking dawn,

a liturgy commenced.

Fingers in my palm

Pointed at the sky,

rolling in the dirt,

Oinking while we yearn

Cackling at the burning bush,

Crowley, save my place!

The pinball machine’s ablaze,

The ablution of our species rests on

Sabine; born from dust

Her rib imbues my chest.

All but a slippery genome is left.

Date submitted: February 3, 2023

Date accepted: May 2, 2023

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