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Caret is a web-based, English-language student journal that publishes bi-annually. We also release a print copy of the journal annually. The purpose of Caret is to provide a space where graduate English students - and undergraduate students with work from graduate seminars - from any institution can share their work and gain experience in scholarly publishing. 

We focus on emphasizing and exploring the ways in which English research participates in, and can continue to expand into, an increasingly interdisciplinary academy. English encompasses but is not limited to literary, cultural, performance, film, and translation studies, as well as linguistics and digital humanities. We encourage everybody involved at our journal to re-examine the ways in which inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches inform our work. This value of interdisciplinarity means that we promote an expanded definition of scholarly work - we accept traditional research papers, reviews, research-creation projects, and creative and multimedia pieces. 

As a student journal, we aim to foster a team environment of mutual support and collaboration. While we uphold scholarly rigour in our submission selection and editing processes, this journal is ultimately a learning experience for all of the students involved, including editors, reviewers, and authors. While all members of Caret’s editorial board are English graduate students at McGill, peer reviewers can be Humanities graduate students from any institution. Our double-anonymous editorial review process is not meant to discriminate work based on the content or the perspective of the argument. Rather, it is an opportunity for editors, reviewers, and authors to share knowledge and skills that will uplift and improve each other’s scholarly work. 

Caret is committed to being an Open Access journal. There is no publishing fee for our authors and no fee for our readers to access the work that we publish. All of our editors and peer reviewers are volunteers. The journal uses Creative Commons licensing to make sure that our authors retain copyright. Our editorial board is based at McGill University, but we accept reviewers and authors that are graduate students from any post-secondary institutions.

Caret aims to uphold and foster an equitable and diverse research atmosphere both within our own team as well as in the work we publish.

We would like to give special thanks to those who helped found Caret:

Adam Hill, Andy Perluzzo, Anushree Joshi, Ariel Pickett, Avneet Sharma, Cassandra Luca, Emily Barber, Frédérique LeBel, Maira Rehman, Mohammed Faiz, Nicole Chrenek, Nived Dharmaraj, Olivia Turcas, Ronny Litvack-Katzman, Sabrina Attar, Sana Mohtadi, Shailee Rajak, Shannon Constantine, Shelby Haber, Sydney Guerrera, Vidu Morugama, and Youeal Abera

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