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An arrow only flies as true as its fletching;

the feathers laid sharp on the end of your

ruin. It must be like this 

So I can, unimpeded, 

chase through the thicket, 

haunt your home, 

let loose a high-strung current, 

and sink inside you, deep. 

Mouth steaming, hot clouds, 

blood pumping, you lay there, 

right where I want you– 

the victim of my fury, 

the valley of your flesh. 

Cries echo through the pine 

as I get you beneath me– 

the edge chilled against 

your scalding coat. 

Our eyes meet, and I love you. 

The way you look so sweetly, 

helplessly, pathetically into me 

brings me to tears. And my cries 

join yours as I penetrate your 

tender, aching throat. 

And from the depths, 

your silence calls to me. 

And I come.

Date submitted: October 8, 2023

Date accepted: November 14, 2023

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