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Sonnets from Decivilization

Updated: May 25, 2022


“The only way out is through
The way you came in,” the Enterprise rep said
You explain to me a type of orange car paint
That is also many other colours
Consider this my final poem
For some great meaning only stalls
Long enough to be looked at
When an imagined barrier Is maintained
Have you heard
The parable of the mystic
Who preferred the sound of the orchestra tuning
Over Beethoven’s 5th Symphony?
I guess he had to sit through the whole


I guess she had to sit through the whole thing
Forever waking up into the soft fact of self
Sublate the need for actualization
Into a new way of wearing old clothes
The colour red rising
Slightly above the other colours
A military plane passes overhead
It’s not the fault of the weather
You explain to the dead sparrow
That poetry is A concave space in the words
& the lovelier paramour of our method
Photographs the same
While occupying the very frame
As if they were on a loop


As if they were on a loop
The days sync in & out of phase
Our iambic advance through thresholds
Of gain, these lines are crucibles of joy
Forged in the abjection of human will
A language upon which the future is hinged
Somehow you make it to March, again
Why can’t I find a place to live for a couple years?
It’s so embarrassing to be alive
I wake up in a strange place but recognize the trees
Like seeing a word spelled correctly in a mirror
Funny, I have that feeling again
Of a funnel above my head
The world pouring in


The world pours in
I don’t want to live I want to live
In a state of constant ecstasy
Yes, yes I do
I am afraid of being hurt
& I love to know intimate details
About different cities
I have my whole life in my head
Can’t you see it?
I remember learning to read & being confused
By sections in the newspaper
Sports Entertainment Politics Arts
Aren’t they all the same thing?

Date submitted: 30 January 2022

Date accepted: 09 March 2022

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